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Member Profile: Jim Albright

Jim Albright of the Yarmouth, Maine Lions Club
Jim Albright | Yarmouth, Maine Lions Club

Officer Status:

Vice President (2018 – Current) and Board Member (2018 – Current)

Committee Memberships:

Marketing, Publicity & Advertising (Chair); Clam Festival Parade (Chair); New Membership (Co-Chair); Trees for Tuition; Wreaths for Fuel; Clam Festival Fundraiser

Why Join the Lions Club?

Having moved from out of state, I wanted to invest in my new community through volunteerism. I sat in on a Lions Club meeting and instantly saw how passionate the members were in caring for the well-being of Yarmouth and the wonderful people who live here.

At the start of every meeting Lions will toast each other with the following saying:
“Not above you; Not beneath you; But always with you”

The Yarmouth Lions Club is an amazing group of folks from all walks of life. We have a lot of fun, while making a real positive impact for many neighbors who could use a hand.

Favorite Lions Club Memory

I’m a marketer by trade, so creating positive experiences for people is a natural passion of mine. I love sharing the excitement around the many service programs that the Yarmouth Lions create and participate in that generate so much good for the town.

My favorite Lions Club memories are made when we’re out in the community. No matter who you are with, or what you’re working on, you’re going to have a good time. I like to capture the fun on film and in pictures then create visual stories around WHY the Lions do what they do. We’ve made music videos to sell Christmas trees to raise money for scholarships, we’ve auto-tuned our Town Manager to celebrate 70 years of service, and even had orchestrated original music and dance moves around the “Where There’s a Need, There’s a Lion” theme for the Clam Festival parade – which won first prize and brought over 1 million views to the video.

3 Fun Facts About Jim:

Professional Experience: Marketing

Favorite Hobbies: Video and Graphic Design; Website Design; Learning about historical and modern technological and social innovations; Cycling; Hiking/Snowshoeing; Exploring Maine

Favorite thing about Yarmouth: A true sense of community

Cooling a Hot Clam Festival Crowd

Lime Rickey and the new all-natural Lemon Lucy slush drink refresh Yarmouth Clam Festival attendees

[Yarmouth, Maine – July 20, 2019]  With soaring humidity and temperatures hitting the mid and upper-90’s, attendees of the 2019 Yarmouth Clam Festival are dealing with one of the hottest weekends on record. This 3-day event typically draws over 120,000 visitors to the town of Yarmouth, Maine, making it one of the most popular Summer-time events in Southern Maine.

Despite the heat, thousands of people are enjoying all that the Clam Fest has to offer, relying on two of the festival’s staple beverages to keep the fun going: The Lime Rickey, sold by the Downeasters Barbershop Chorus, and the new Lemon Lucy slush offered by the Yarmouth Lions Club.

So Happy Together: Lemon Lucy and Lime Ricky
Yarmouth Lions Club members Larry Forcier and Aaron Wilson invent the Lemon Lucy slush drink

In 2018, two members of the Yarmouth Lions Club, Larry Forcier and Aaron Wilson, had developed a recipe for a lemon slush drink using 100% all-natural ingredients. They worked out a way to mass-produce it for Clam Fest, but were not sure what to call it. Knowing that the Lime Rickey had became the “must have” item at the Clam Fest food court for decades, the Lions decided on the name Lemon Lucy, as a nod to the Ricky and Lucy characters from classic TV series “I Love Lucy” starring Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball (who were real-life husband and wife). “We know that the Lime Rickey is beloved at Clam Fest,” said Larry Forcier, “so introducing the Lemon Lucy as a companion, but completely unique beverage in that it is the only lemon slush drink at Clam Fest, made the name a perfect choice.”

The 2018 Lemon Lucy pilot was a success, so Larry and Aaron figured out a way to ramp up Lemon Lucy production for the 2019 Clam Fest, without compromising freshness or quality. The only thing that was left to do was to get the word out.

Lions Club member Jim Albright, took to the streets (literally and digitally) with a multi-channel marketing campaign designed to not only inform would-be Lemon Lucy fans about the new slush drink, but also build awareness that 100% of all proceeds from Lemon Lucy sales go directly back into the community. The Lions Club is the only food vendor at Clam festival who donates all of their Clam Fest profits to supporting local nonprofits and service organizations.

Jim Albright creates marketing buzz for the new Lemon Lucy slush at the Yarmouth, Maine Clam Festival
Jim Albright creates marketing buzz for the new Lemon Lucy slush drink at the Yarmouth, Maine Clam Festival. 100% of proceeds from Lemon Lucy sales will fund local service organizations and projects.
Clam Fest Reactions to Lemon Lucy Slush

The Lemon Lucy promotion videos that Jim had produced have stacked over 1 million views on social media, and given the hot weather, local media outlets are reporting that Clam Festival visitors can cool off with both Lime Rickey AND Lemon Lucy. As of this writing, thousands of Lemon Lucy slush drinks have been purchased, already beating 2018 sales. This means that thousands of dollars will be donated to local service groups to help those in need.

Learn more about the Yarmouth Lions Club Lemon Lucy slush drink at

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Big Community Support of Lions Vision Program

Yarmouth Lions Thank Town for Record Number of Eyeglasses Donations

The Notes – January 28, 2019

The Yarmouth Lions Club wishes to thank the many people in and around Yarmouth, Maine who have donated their used eyeglasses, lenses, and eyeglass cases to the Lions Clubs International Recycle for Sight program in 2018.  Lions Club member, Doug Carney, has been faithfully shepherding this the Club’s eyeglasses recycling program in Yarmouth, and reports that the Club had collected 1,512 eyeglasses over the last year – an amazing 77% increase over 2017!

Lions Club eyeglasses donation box located at the Hannaford Pharmacy  counter in Yarmouth, Maine
Lions Club eyeglasses donation box located at the Hannaford Pharmacy
counter in Yarmouth, Maine

All donated eyeglasses are collected, then processed by the regional Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center to then be distributed to people in developing countries where they have the greatest need.

A special thank you also to the five Yarmouth businesses below that currently host the eyeglass collection boxes:
• Hannaford Supermarket (Pharmacy Counter): 756 US Rt. 1
• Maine Optometry PA (Front Entrance): 407 US Rt 1, Freeport
• Merrill Memorial Library (Front Entrance): 215 Main Street
• Yarmouth Recycling & Transfer Station (Book Shed): 659 East Main Street
• Bayview Dental Associates (Front Entrance): 247 Portland Street

The Lions would greatly appreciate the continued participation and support from the community for this very worthy cause.  To learn more, visit the Lions Vision program page, or contact Doug Carney at 846-0863 for more information.

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Yarmouth Lions Kick Off 70th Year with Open House

Lions Club invites community to learn about our history of service to Yarmouth

October 28, 2018 Update by Doug Carney

A special “open house” meeting was held on October 1st at the Muddy Rudder restaurant. Guests learned about the history, current programs and contributions the Yarmouth Lions have made to the town, and how they can volunteer or become a member. Speakers, all of whom are club members, addressed the following topics.
Yarmouth Maine Lions Club Open House
Bob Swan presented the history of the Lions Club International, as well as the Yarmouth Lions, from its charter in 1949, to the present.

Larry Forcier spoke of our involvement in the annual Yarmouth Clam Festival, with a history of what we sell and the charities that are supported by the profits that are generated from our food booth.

Kerry Tull covered the acquisition, preparation, and sale of Christmas trees for our Trees for Tuition program, noting that 100% of the profits go to fund college scholarships for local high school graduates.

Alan Lambert addressed our Wreaths for Warmth program, noting that 100% of the profits from the sale of 120-135 wreaths each year (about $2,000) go to the Yarmouth Heating Assistance Fund for those residents in need.

Brian Bicknell gave a history of Santa’s Chalet, from its start in the 70’s to the present day. Thousands of children and families have enjoyed visiting Santa over the years on the three Saturdays before Christmas.

Larry Forcier spoke about “Adopt A Family,” a seasonal program in which contributions from Lions and local businesses are used to purchase, wrap, and deliver gifts to families and nursing home residents in need at Christmas time.

Phoebe Chandler covered the way the club has provided vision services to new Mainers through eye exams, glasses and transportation to receive these vision services.

Doug Carney reported that we have recycled over 14,000 eyeglasses over the past 15 years, and that we are 85% ahead of last year at this time.

Joan Russell briefed the attendees on where our dues money goes, as well as the process by which charities are selected to receive contributions from the Yarmouth Lions Club.

President Sandy Bowie closed the meeting with a well-deserved thank you to each of the presenters, a look to the future, and an invitation to prospective members to join our Lions Club and support our motto, “We Serve.”

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Lions Club wins 1st place in Clam Fest Parade

The Yarmouth Lions Club won 1st place in the annual Clam Festival Parade float contest for non-profit organizations

The Notes – August 6, 2018 (by Doug Carney)

The float was the brain-child of Jim Albright, a Lion since 2017, and a marketing wizard and creative performer.

The float was a white stretch limousine, lent to the club by Lindquist Funeral Home, decorated with Lions Club decals, and driven by Lion Dave Floryan. The limo was outfitted with powerful loud speakers, obtained by Lion Greg Hughes and donated by Headlight Audio Visual of Portland, playing Michael Jackson hit tunes from the 80’s in keeping with the theme of the parade, “Totally 80’s.”

Jim Albright, dressed as Michael Jackson – the hat, gloves, jacket, pants, socks and shoes – danced, spun around, jerked, and moonwalked his way to the music throughout the parade. If you saw Jim, you didn’t forget him!

Yarmouth Clam Festival Parade Winner - Yarmouth Lions Club(from left) Jim Albright, Bob Swan, Dave Floryan, Jean Swan, Greg Hughes, and Sandy Bowie

Jim was accompanied by Bob and Jean Swan, Greg Hughes, and Sandy Bowie “working the crowd” and occasionally performing their own dance moves choreographed by Jim.

The book on Jim Albright’s performance?

“He WAS Michael Jackson!”

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