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Yarmouth Lions 2020 Trees for Tuition Program Breaks Record

[Yarmouth, Maine – December 31, 2020] The Yarmouth Lions Club had broken a new record in 2020 for their Trees for Tuition holiday program, selling out over 360 Maine-grown Christmas trees in less than 18 hours.

As trees were being unloaded from the truck on Friday, November 27th, Yarmouth residents were arriving to pick out their tree, and by the end of the first weekend, almost all trees were sold. The remaining Lions trees sold over the next few days.

Woody Brown, Kerry Tull, and Sandy Bowieat Yarmouth Lions Club Trees for Tuition

Each year, the Yarmouth Lions Club sells Christmas trees to raise money for scholarships awarded to deserving Yarmouth High School graduating seniors. By selling out of trees, the Lions will be providing thousands of dollars in scholarship awards to students selected by YHS advisors in 2021.

Learn more about the Trees for Tuition program at

Lions Collected 815 Donated Eyeglasses in 2020

The Yarmouth Lions Club wishes to thank the many people in and around Yarmouth who have donated their used eyeglasses, lenses, and eyeglass cases to the National Lions Eyeglasses Recycling Project.  Doug Carney, a Lion since 2013, shepherds our Yarmouth project.  Doug reports that we collected 815 eyeglasses in 2020, somewhat less than 2019’s record-setting quantity due to the pandemic.  The eyeglasses are processed by the regional Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center and distributed to needy people in developing countries where they have had the greatest impact.

A special thank you also goes out to the 5 Yarmouth and Freeport businesses below that currently host the eyeglass collection boxes:

Bayview Dental Associates, 247 Portland Street, Yarmouth – front entrance
Maine Optometry, 407 US Route 1, Freeport – front entrance
Town of Yarmouth Recycling Center & Transfer Station, 659 E. Main Street, Yarmouth – book shed
Merrill Memorial Library, 215 Main Street, Yarmouth – main entryway
Insight Eyecare, 26 School Street, Yarmouth – front entrance

The Lions would greatly appreciate your continued participation and support in this very worthy cause.  For more information, please feel free to contact Doug Carney at 846-0863 and leave a message.

Learn More about The Yarmouth Lions Vision program at

Lemon Lucy Slush Drink: Get Refreshed While Giving Back

All Natural Lemon Slush Funds Community Service Programs

Due to the cancellation of the 2021 Clam Festival: 
The Yarmouth Lions Club will be selling Lemon Lucy Slush drinks for a limited time at the Summer Arts Series (Music in the Park), Wednesday’s starting at 6pm.

During the hot days of the Yarmouth Clam Festival, head to the Lions Club booth for a refreshing Lemon Lucy slush drink. 100% of all proceeds will go to fund local service organization efforts to help those in our community who need assistance.

Fresh Lemons. Pure Sugar. Ice. Simple Slushy Goodness

We’ve been busy testing variations of our ingredients to come up with the perfect slush / taste consistency, which is sure to keep you completely refreshed. The Lemon Lucy is the only slush drink available at the Yarmouth Clam Festival, and is made with  100% all-natural ingredients.

An Instant Clam Festival Food Court Winner

The Yarmouth Lions Club had trialed the lemon slush recipe at the 2018 Yarmouth Clam Festival, which draws over 150,000 visitors over a single weekend each Summer. For decades, Clam Fest visitors have enjoyed the Lime Rickey, a fizzy lime drink offered by the Down Easters Choral group, but there were no other choices for a cold drink made with fresh ingredients (besides bottled water), so the Yarmouth Lions decided to name their lemon slush drink, Lemon Lucy, as a companion to the Lime Rickey, and a nod to the popular TV series comic duo, Lucille Ball and Rickey Ricardo from “I Love Lucy”.

By the 2019 Clam Festival, the Lemon Lucy and the Lime Rickey were the most popular food item for festival goers to cool off and continue enjoying the event. With thousands of Lemon Lucy’s being sold, the Yarmouth Lions Club is able to donate thousands of dollars to local nonprofits, and fund community enrichment programs.

Click to read more about how the Lemon Lucy became the new staple of the Clam Fest food court.

Yarmouth Lions Club Lemon Lucy Slush Drink

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